Turner and Associates, Inc. was formed in 1994 to address the financial needs of small businesses and the lending functions of community banks.

We understand the ongoing struggle community banks face to overcome competition while monitoring expenses in an effort to improve profitability. We know that it is becoming increasingly necessary for community banks to examine various alternatives for providing control and support assistance to the lending related functions of the bank.

By taking a hands on approach with our clients, we provide the economical alternative that community banks require to effectively operate their lending functions. It is our belief that most community banks have identified lending support and control functions that do not require full time personnel, but due to the associated experience requirements to fulfill these functions part-time staff has not been an option. As an alternative Turner and Associates, Inc. can provide the same or higher degree of knowledge and experience if and when it is needed. Our company is staffed with experienced consultants who are dedicated to performing the lending support functions that require their knowledge and ability. We tailor our engagements to fit the needs of our clients and assist them with designing and monitoring a friendly and profitable lending environment.

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