fees and_costsOur initial visit, anywhere within Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Michigan or Kentucky, will be free of charge. Any advice that is offered and any analysis provided during that initial visit are never billed to our clients.

Upon the engagement of our services, our fees and costs will vary depending on the type of engagement that is required. For example loan review services can be provided on an annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly basis. They can be provided for certain industry segments and for specific lenders. As such, loan review can be contracted on a fixed fee or hourly basis depending on the needs of the bank. Our other services, except managed assets, are typically provided on an hourly basis, with hourly rates based on the experience level of the Turner and Associates, Inc. personnel required for the engagement. The managed asset department typically requires either a "sounding board" approach which is billed at a flat rate monthly, or a more hands-on approach which is billed based on a percentage of dollars collected or recovered. In either case an experienced managed asset specialist would be available via phone or in person to answer management's questions regarding problem loans. Of course every bank's needs are unique, and Turner and Associates, Inc. can adapt our engagements accordingly. Note that all out of pocket expenses incurred on behalf of a client are reimbursed to Turner and Associates, Inc. monthly.

Our hourly rates and fixed fees are very competitive compared with others in our profession. We understand that our clients require a high level of service while working within the framework of a tight budget. At Turner and Associates, Inc. we work with our clients up front to structure a cost-effective engagement that provides affordable services that our clients require.