Safe and Secure MobileAn IT risk assessment is the first step in developing, maintaining, and managing an effective information security program. Risk assessment helps ensure that your organization has properly identified significant risks and determined what actions are appropriate to mitigate the identified risks. An organization operating with a poor IT security program management is a major problem. This could ultimately affect the confidentiality, integrity, and continuity of your organization’s core data.

At Turner and Associates, we have performed numerous IT risk assessment for organizations in the Financial, Healthcare, and Government industries. Our experts will specifically identify your organization’s assets in the following key areas:

  Digital Assets

  Business Databases

  Source Code

  Key Software

  Non Digital Assets

  People Assets


  Network Devices




  Support Utilities

Once we have identified all of your key assets, Turner and Associates will develop a risk-based threat matrix, which will identify all threats to your organization’s asset inventory. Thereafter, we will identify any controls currently implemented at your organization, which could reduce or mitigate the threats to your asset inventory. This will allow us to determine if there are any gaps in your organization’s security control environment. Where gaps are located in your security controls environment, Turner and Associates will recommend practical, cost-effective solutions, which can be implemented to lower any non-mitigated risks to an acceptable level.