continuity2Business continuity planning is a vital activity to all companies. This planning is extremely complex and requires expert guidance. It is crucial that organizations understand all of the underlying risks to a potential disaster. This allows organizations to be prepared when protecting the organization during a systems disaster.

Every organization should ask itself "How long can we go without our systems?" Resuming critical operations as quickly as possible minimizes business disruptions and provides prepared organizations with a competitive advantage.

In our experience, many organizations are not adequately prepared for systems disasters. Part of the reason is the lack funding and support at the highest level of management. The shift in management's mindset that IT initiatives that support business continuity get top priority can truly impact all organizations in times of disasters.

At Turner and Associates, we believe that being prepared prior to a disaster is most influential driving force that ensures an organization's success when disasters occur unexpectedly.

If your company needs assistance with business continuity planning, let Turner and Associates provide our expert knowledge and guidance during this complex planning process.

Assess Business Risk and Impacts of Disasters

Disaster Assessment

Business Risk Assessment

IT and Communications

Existing Procedures for Disasters

Physical Location Plan

o Plan for Repairs

o Backup Power

Preparing for a Disaster

Backup and Recovery

Key Personnel


Key Documents with Procedures

Disaster Recovery

Plan for Handling Disaster

Notification and Reporting During a Disaster

Business Recovery

Managing Business Recovery Phase

Activities Involved

Testing Business Recovery

Planning Tests

Conducting Test

Training Staff During Business Recovery

Managing the Training

Assess the Training

Keep the Plan Current

Audit and Update the Plan Throughout the Year