Safe and Secure MobileRisks to information security have continued to stay relatively high to organizations, as individual identity theft dramatically increases.

The Gramm Leach Bliley Act (GLBA) is a comprehensive law which affects organizations or business units that deal with financial information. This financial information may include nonpublic personal information e.g. address or phone numbers, bank account numbers, credit card account numbers, social security numbers, personal income, or credit history.

GLBA was introduced to ensure the security and confidentiality of customer information. GLBA mandates procedures and guidelines be implemented which protects confidential customer information against any anticipated threats or exposures to the security and integrity of confidential customer information. To protect against personal data theft, GLBA also requires that guidelines be implemented at these organizations which protect confidential customer information against unauthorized access or misuses of this data which could result in significant damage or inconvenience to customers.

At Turner and Associates, we have performed many GLBA audits which provide detailed testing of all the key requirements. Certain procedures may not apply to smaller less complex institutions. Our experts take these factors into consideration during our testing procedures.

Turner and Associates combines the COBIT and COSO frameworks to provide detailed testing of your organizations IT controls environment. We also review your organizations standards for developing and implementing:

  Administrative Safeguards

  Technical Safeguards

 Physical Safeguards

This helps us determine if your organization properly protects the security, confidentiality, and integrity of confidential customer information.

We also examine in great detail:

  Board Involvement

  Information Security Program

  Risk Assessment Program

  Internal Controls and Polices

  Measures Taken to Oversee Service Providers

  Determine Effectiveness of Process which Updates Information Security Program

  Overall Implementation of the Standards

Where exceptions or gaps are located in organization's compliance to the GLBA standards, Turner and Associates our experts will recommend practical cost-effective solutions to ensure your organization meets compliance with the GLBA regulations.