Digital Forensics Custom

At Turner and Associates Inc., we have, through our experienced staff members assisted clients with the acquisition, handling, treatment, and storage of evidence in computer forensic cases.  Our experience includes establishing forensically sound, evidentiary methods and procedures for investigating criminal activity involving computers and computer-based systems for the acquisition, analysis and reporting of digital evidence. 

We have a strong working knowledge of legal concepts and evidentiary procedures for investigating criminal activity involving computers and computer-based systems.  Our staff members utilize proper scene management techniques to recover all necessary physical and logical evidence and document the entire process whether it relates to digital evidence in Windows, DOS, Macintosh, Linux, Boot Processes, or File Systems.  We use the most current computer forensic tools available for digital evidence collection and analysis where the related findings are published and presented to our clients.

Members of our staff have performed forensic investigations for clients in the Financial, Healthcare, and Government industries.  Our security specialists have analyzed numerous types of computer crime cases to ascertain and evaluate the criminal investigation and prosecution when implementing digital evidence and testimonial evidence is utilized in a computer crime.  We have conducted email investigations involving URL spoofing and publishing through Emails on an Exchange Server. Our staff members have had exposure to advanced investigative techniques to track criminals over local and wide area networks, including international computer crimes.

If your company needs digital forensics assistance in response to an incident, an investigation into users and their actions (including network administrators), or even a FDIC regulatory investigation, let the experts at Turner and Associates Inc. confidently guide you through these complex and sensitive investigations.

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