Enterprise Risk Management in Banking


Data breaches come in many forms and everyone is getting worse at stopping them.  One of the contributing factors in the rise of data breaches is the lack of understanding of the security fundamentals at the board level.  This causes a big gap between the people performing information security at Banks and the highest level executives. When this gap becomes too large, there is never going to be adequate funding for security initiatives at Banks.


Cyber Security & Data Breaches: What Financial Institutions Need to Know


Data breaches and security issues plague financial institutions constantly. They are important to safeguard against for the protection of confidential information housed at institutions and for the regulatory exams that expect detailed security plans in place. Turner & Associates, will provide insight into the topic of data breaches and penetration testing. He will review these security topics, discuss how to implement a plan in the case of a security breach, and how to limit data breach risk exposures to your organization.


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