Business 1 CustomThose instances when company management is lacking the experience or knowledge to handle a distressed situation, Turner and Associates, Inc. is available to provide "hands-on" day to day consulting in a crisis management role. Normally, our services in this area are requested by the secured creditor(s) or the bankruptcy court.

Business 2altBusinesses that are experiencing financial strains resulting from overdue receivables, or bad debts, resulting in cash flow problems, past due payables, and loan repayment problems are often assisted by Turner and Associates, Inc. Our long standing relationships and creditability with secured lenders allows us the ability to negotiate with our clients' lending source often resulting in new or increased financing from alternate sources. By developing a functional plan that the primary lender and the company agree to, Turner and Associates, Inc. is able to facilitate the improved cash flow of the business while providing a repayment plan for the lender.

Business 3 CustomOur experience in writing business plans and preparing financing documents is apparent from the successes that our clients achieve. While writing a business plan for our clients we force management to consider new and innovative ways to increase sales, productivity and profits. Financing documents are prepared by Turner and Associates, Inc. to assist our clients in obtaining new or replacement financing. Our experience in banking and finance aides in our understanding of what a lender requires in a financing document. A financing document prepared by Turner and Associates, Inc. contains all of the pertinent information that the lender requires to make a prompt and often favorable credit decision.

Business 4 CustomAlthough the company's primary lender is usually the first, other than the company, to recognize signs of distress, these institutions are limited in what they can say or do for their customers. That's where Turner and Associates, Inc. comes in. We have experience in working with companies in many different industries. This experience coupled with our knowledge of the lending and workout process enables Turner and Associates, Inc. the insight to return a company to profitability and then keep them with their existing lender or place them with a lender that better suits their needs. 

Business 5 CustomWhether a company is a "start-up" or has been in business for 100 years, sound financial backing is a key to its success. Companies who have experienced a downturn, due to lost business, bad debts, employee turnover, rising material costs or interest rates, often require replacement financing. Companies in a start-up or expansion mode often require new financing. In either case, Turner and Associates, Inc. can help. Our personal, long standing and ever increasing relationships with bankers and other secured lenders provides us with immediate access to capital markets throughout the midwest and beyond. By understanding the requirements and abilities of our clients and lenders we are able to place financing documents in the hands of reliable institutions who will lend our clients the money they need faster than our clients could accomplish on their own. By taking this burden from our clients, they are able to concentrate on what they do best - run their business.

Business 6 CustomWith extensive knowledge and understanding of numerous industries, Turner and Associates, Inc. is a tremendous asset in a turnaround or Chapter 11 bankruptcy situation. Our goal in every engagement is to avoid Chapter 11 if possible and our unwavering commitment to implementing innovative and comprehensive plans are geared toward solving operational and finanacial problems and returning the company to profitability. In those instances when Chapter 11 is unavoidable, Turner and Associates, Inc. works closely with management and debtors council to form the best possible reoganization plan. We are experienced in the reporting requirments of the bankruptcy court and are accustomed to working with creditor committees and creditor council and accountants. Due to our involvement, Chapter 11 cases that we participate in tend to move quickly, saving our clients valuable money while statisfying the needs and concerns of all interested parties.

Business 7 CustomSimilar to the needs of our new and replacement financing clients, merger and acquisition financing is often required for a company, individual, or group of individuals to merge with or acquire a business. Turner and Associates, Inc. assists our clients both in the negotiation process and with obtaining the necessary financing to complete the transaction.

Business 8 CustomWith an ever increasing number of small and middle market companies comes the need for quality accounting staff at an affordable price. Turner and Associates, Inc. provides its clients with both quality and affordability on a part time basis. We will assist our clients with services ranging from monthly journal entries to board meeting presentations and all at an affordable hourly rate

Business 9 CustomA typical Turner and Associates, Inc. client possesses the following characteristics:

  1. Manufacturing, service or distribution company located in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Kentucky or Michigan;
  2. $1 - $20 million in annual sales - trending downward or rapidly upward;
  3. Second or third generation family business or new (less than five years) business;
  4. Understaffed or inexperienced accounting department;
  5. Struggling to meet trade payables and unable to obtain new financing (due to either losses or expansion) from existing lender.


Turner and Associates, Inc. provides an initial no cost analysis of prospective clients to address: cash flow and capital requirements, industry trends and market conditions.

Following our initial consultation, if our prospective clients requires additional services, we will mutually agree on a contract and begin our engagement immediately.

We will work with each department in the organization to determine strengths and weaknesses. Strengths will be built upon and weaknesses will be mitigated by instituting controls and procedures that are tried and tested to work effectively.

If accounting services are required, we can provide part-time controller or CFO advice depending on the situation.

Once the operations are stabilized and the next two to five years are reasonably estimable, we will introduce our clients to several of our most dependable lending sources. These sources have specific criteria that must be met, and Turner and Associates, Inc. matches its clients to the criteria requirements of its lenders.

fees and_costsOur initial visit, anywhere within Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Michigan or Kentucky, will be free of charge. During that initial visit any advice that is offered and any analysis we provide is never billed to our clients.

Upon the engagement of our services, our fees and costs will vary depending on the type of engagement that is required. Our Turnaround and Chapter 11 Consulting, Bank and Finance Company Workout, and Crisis Management Services are generally billed on an hourly basis with a small retainer to cover our initial costs. Writing Business Plans and Financing Documents will generally be billed at a pre-determined fixed amount depending on the size and content of the required document. Locating New and Replacement Financing including Troubled Debt Restructuring is generally billed based on our successful closing of the financing transaction. And finally, Accounting and Controller / CFO Services are billed on an hourly basis will a small retainer. Note: All out of pocket expenses incurred on behalf of a client are reimbursed monthly.

Our hourly fees are very competitive compared with others in our profession. We understand that our clients are on a tight budget, and we work with them to determine the most practical way to compensate Turner and Associates, Inc. for the services we have provided.