Turner and Associates, Inc. was formed in 1994 to address the financial needs of small businesses and the lending functions of community banks.

We understand the ongoing struggle community banks face to overcome competition while monitoring expenses in an effort to improve profitability. We know that it is becoming increasingly necessary for community banks to examine various alternatives for providing control and support assistance to the lending related functions of the bank.

By taking a hands on approach with our clients, we provide the economical alternative that community banks require to effectively operate their lending functions. It is our belief that most community banks have identified lending support and control functions that do not require full time personnel, but due to the associated experience requirements to fulfill these functions part-time staff has not been an option. As an alternative Turner and Associates, Inc. can provide the same or higher degree of knowledge and experience if and when it is needed. Our company is staffed with experienced consultants who are dedicated to performing the lending support functions that require their knowledge and ability. We tailor our engagements to fit the needs of our clients and assist them with designing and monitoring a friendly and profitable lending environment.

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Edward H. Turner, President (614) 792-8000

Ed Turner has nearly forty years of progressively increasing banking and banking related responsibilities.  As a senior officer of a six billion dollar bank holding company he held positions in lending, credit, loan administration, loan review, collections, and managed assets.  He has been president of a one hundred-thirty million dollar asset based lending company, a corporate vice president and regional manager of a regional lending division supporting twenty-seven billion dollars in assets, regional manager of a special asset division of a sixty billion dollar bank holding company, a senior vice president of a seven billion dollar bank holding company in which he specialized in corporate loan restructuring and recoveries, and loan administration, and was a senior manager of a Big-Five public accounting firm.  Ed possesses extensive experience in lending, loan review, credit and credit administration, and the managing of problem loans.  Ed has advised and assisted banks with the writing of corporate lending, managed asset, credit, collection and legal department policies.  From 2000 to 2011, Ed was a member of the board of directors at one of his clients, where Ed also sat on the directors loan committee. He has participated in over twenty mergers of financial institutions by determining the quality of loans and the adequacy of reserves as well as the quality of lending and support personnel.  He has been a teacher for the University of Toledo night program where he taught accounting and cost accounting.  He has also been an annual instructor for the Ohio School of Banking Commercial Lending School.  Additionally, Ed has advised and assisted numerous companies with strategic planning, cost containment, financial restructuring, banking negotiations, and has written and validated business plans and reorganization plan at the request of companies and financial institutions.


Thomas J. Ryan, CPA, First Vice President (440) 572-1767

Tom Ryan has nearly twenty-five years of experience in accounting, auditing, financial and bank consulting and loan review.  Tom is a Certified Public Accountant and a member of both the American Institute of CPA’s and the Ohio Society of CPA’s.  Prior to joining Turner and Associates, Inc., Tom spent over seven years at a Big-Five accounting firm in Cleveland, Ohio.  For nearly five of those years, Tom provided a wide range of auditing, financial consulting and accounting services to a large number of public and privately held companies.  For the remaining two and a half years, Tom provided corporate recovery services to public and privately held bankrupt, financially troubled and start-up businesses.  Since joining Turner and Associates, Inc. Tom has split his time between working with financially troubled small businesses and with community banks.

When working with community banks, Tom utilizes his accounting, auditing, and consulting skills to provide a wide range of services.  Tom conducts field examinations of the books and records of bank customers, conducts loan reviews and appraisal reviews, works closely with the managed asset, collection and credit departments, and monitors the commercial loan portfolio providing suggestions and observations regarding the processing of loan payments and the set-up of new loans.  Tom has been a member of the management committee of one of his clients, thereby helping shape the direction of the bank.  For small businesses, Tom has specialized in benchmarking, financial statement and cash flow projections, business plan and financing document preparation and cash flow management.  In addition, Tom assists his clients with detailed analysis of their cost structure including product by product gross margin and break-even analysis, and with their internal accounting and reporting needs.





Overview 3 CustomThe following is a sampling of the many successful Turner and Associates, Inc. engagements:

Situation: An Aluminum Anodizing and Painting Company was faced with stagnated growth, record losses, cash shortages resulting in missed payrolls and the prospect of being shut down and liquidated.

Solution: After Turner and Associates, Inc. coordinated a new accounts receivable financing package (in a three day period), the company was able to meet payroll and bring its employees back. Following a two month stabilization period, under a Turner and Associates, Inc. Crisis Management engagement, the company's sales increased 50% and profits soared to new heights. Within nine months, Turner and Associates, Inc. coordinated a new $1.5 million accounts receivable and inventory financing package with dramatically reduced interest rates. Turner and Associates, Inc. continues to monitor this client on a daily basis and is available to provide advice and assistance seven days a week.

Situation: A Plastic Extrusion Company was faced with increasing demand, inadequate capacity and a bank that was unwilling to provide the funds for a new production line.

Solution: Within two months, Turner and Associates, Inc. coordinated and negotiated four new credit facilities totaling $5.5 million with a new bank. Each of these facilities was an improvement over the previous lender and most importantly they allowed our client to add the needed production capacity to meet they growing demand for their product.

Situation: A seasonal manufacturing company was unable to meet its obligations with its primary lender and was faced with employees walking off the job due to the company's inability to meet payroll.

Solution: Turner and Associates, Inc. negotiated with the company's primary lender to allow for a subordination of accounts receivable and inventory. In turn, Turner and Associates, Inc. coordinated with an accounts receivable lender to provide in interim solution to the company's cash flow (specifically payroll) needs. Within two weeks, the employees were back on the job, the former primary lender is receiving scheduled monthly payments and the prospects for the company are excellent. Turner and Associates, Inc. is currently coordinating and negotiating a new $350,000 financing package that will replace the interim accounts receivable solution and will enable the company to attain future growth.

The above examples are just a small sampling of the many companies that Turner and Associates, Inc. as assisted over the past three years. As indicated below, our initial visit is free of charge, so why not give us a call and you can see first hand why Turner and Associates, Inc. continues to help companies grow and succeed.

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Our offices are located within the metropolitan areas of both Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio.

From these locations we are able to accommodate our clients in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Kentucky.

Since our initial visit and consultation is free of charge, why not give us a call?

To speak to a Turner and Associates, Inc. representative, please email or call:

Ed Turner at (614) 792-8000; or

Tom Ryan at (440) 572-1767 or by fax at (440) 572-7667